More than 40% of Asturias is now categorised as a Nature Reserve which makes the region one of the most suitable places in Spain to experience the Rut of the Deer.
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With the onset of Autumn amidst the wonderful change of colours and mild weather you’ll be able to see first hand the majestic Stags in their natural habitat Rutting for the affections of the Doe. There is not a better moment to stroll along a meandering path through old oak forestsor hike up through the mountain passes and contemplate this truly stunning natural event. The forest covered mountains glow with reds and browns at this time if year and you’ll feel an unsurpassed closeness to nature as the deer initiate their mating rituals and territorial disputes.

During the times of sunrise and sunset a deep guttural bellowing echoes throughout the valleys and the crack of horns locking will entice you to seek out better views of the rut. The locations are always situated in biospheres and nature reserves so if you are a nature lover you shouldn’t miss this very exclusive natural event.

The annual deer rut takes place in some of the most breathtaking locations Asturias has to offer so you can join one of the many organized packages available throughout Asturias.