Why A Dream About Death Isn't Always Bad

Did you have a dream of death? Worry not! Dreams are translated through symbols and death may actually mean good things! Read on to find out more.
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Death Dream Meaning

When someone dies in our dream - be it a loved one or a stranger - we are always very worried. Because then we often ask ourselves whether it is perhaps a premonition or just a reflection of our fear of actual death.

The traditional interpretation of dreams sees death as a dream symbol for a transition process that's currently underway: just one phase of life "dies", which at an equivalent time paves the way for a replacement beginning. So dreams of death aren't as bad as their reputation - they show you your chance to offer your life a replacement direction.

With a dream about deathwe are saying goodbye to thoughts, feelings, plans or goals so as to form room for brand spanking new things. If you dream of death, a love that you simply have held onto for (too) long could also be running out. It also can be that your value system has shifted - suddenly it made sense, your thinking changes fundamentally, and your old life may be a thing of the past.

Perhaps you've got moved to a replacement city, encountered an exciting career opportunity, suddenly got money, severely separated from old burdens or met the love of your life? Death, which may appear in several manifestations in your dream, helps your subconscious to process your suddenly changed life situation.

The psychological interpretation also sees death because the dream symbol for change and alter . Dream researchers suspect that dreams about death help our brain to regulate to a replacement situation: We mentally close a chapter of our life so as to be ready to open a replacement one as unencumbered as possible.

Sometimes dreams about death also occur in phases of life that appear particularly hopeless: Here death features a different meaning and symbolizes the purpose at which a turnaround has apparently become impossible - often also called the "point of no return" . If you recognize yourself during this interpretation, a psychotherapist could also be ready to assist you develop new perspectives. Maybe you only don't recognize the forest for the trees - the answer are often very close.

From a spiritual perspective, death may be a dream symbol for a neighborhood of your life that you simply simply haven't yet consciously recognized as an opportunity for you - although it's going to rather be that you are already unconsciously on the way in just this direction. Death can therefore indicate an impending change and even be a crucial advisor in your dreams, showing you the thanks to new knowledge.

03 Aug, 2021
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