Via de la Plata Route

For those who want to know Spain from top to bottom then this trip is an experience beyond your expectations.
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Motorbike Touring on the Via Ruta de la Plata

If you want to experience in just one journey all that you love about Spain then you have to do the Via de la Plata Route on motor bike. With more than 800 kilometers of road that link Seville with Gijon or vice versa that offers very diverse landscapes with a lot of contrasts, excellent gastronomy and an incredible Historic Heritage.

The Via de la Plata Route is the perfect itinerary to be done by motorbike through the historical route the classic N-630 or the modern A66. Here the motor biker can discover Spain from the North to the South passing through the communities of Asturias, Castilla Leon, Extremadura and Andalucia.

The Via de la Plata Route is perfect for motor touring by group as the roads are not a full of traffic so you can go at a comfortable pace and especially the diversity of available routes makes it ideal for motorbike trips. You can also be assured of at least 80% good weather conditions.

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