Vans Salinas Longboard Festival

The Vans Salinas Longboard festival or Salinas Festival is an annual surfing event that takes place in the seaside town of Salinas in Asturias on the last week in July.
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The word “Festival” is the key here because even though surfing competitions are held, this four day event offers a heady mix of good surfgood soundsgreat people and lots andlots of parties in a way only the Spanish can do best.

The Salinas Festival has been running for 11 years now and is considered to be the largest of its kind in Europeand is in the top three Longboard events in the world. This is very apparent by the eclectic mix of people attending who, along with the locals, create a nice relaxed vibe that invites you to stay even if you are not that interested in surfing.

Grab a beer, find a nice spot to perch and just observe.

The Salinas Festival is a bit of a Mecca for longboarders and since it was first held back in 2001 (which back then was more of a reunion than a festival), the party has grown and grown and is now marked indelibly on thecalendars of both pro’s and amateurs alike.

The Salinas Festival is just one of many surfing events that take place throughout Asturias and visitors should also keep in mind that classic waves such as Rodiles and Xago are just a short distance away. The Salinas Festival is a great highlight when planning a full-on surf trip along the awesome Asturian coastline.

Huge thanks to sushi chef, painter, nice guy and great longboarder…. Colin Whitbread for taking the time to talk to us. Thank you very much to Pepe Hevia and Cesar Fernandez from the organization of the eventClub Espartal andSalinas Surf School for all their help while doing this video.

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