Traditional Wooden Clogs

As you travel throughout Asturias you will notice that many of the locals are wearing wooden clogs known as Madreñas.
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They might seem slightly out of place on a pavement or an Asphalt road but when you put them on and tackle a steep field or muddy path you then realise that wooden clogs or Madreñas are quite simply the best off road footwear there is.

They are waterproof, insulated and very comfy once broken in….. (the slippers you wear with them do help to soften them up) but they are also surprisingly inexpensive for what they are.

Traditionally hand crafted out of Birch and other types of wood, these wooden clogs also carry the signature of the hand that made them in the design on the front which can be quite elaborate and is handed down from generation to generation of wooden clogs or Madreña makers.

Many think that the art of crafting wooden clogs or Madreñas is a dying one but we at WIA  think it could make a comeback…..It’s not often that you get to watch your new shoes been carved out in front of you!

Many thanks to -
Juan Lozano for appearing in the video
Mancomunidad del Valle de Nalon

Caso Council

Museo de la Madera (Museum of Wood) in Veneros, Caso
and the wooden clogs or Madreña makers at Virgen de los Remedios, Pambley

For all their help with the production of the video.

23 Jan, 2015
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