The Venue

The venue we have selected is the Complejo Duques de Pastrana located in Paseo de la Habana, 208 Madrid, the perfect place where WFS will be held.
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The ideal place for such occasion

One of the objectives of WFS is to serve as a platform to exchange ideas, commercial relations and to promote business engagement. This is the role the chosen setting will play, which we feel is ideal for such purposes.

WFS sponsors will be able to use the Palace to celebrate micro-events, commercial promotions or PR related actions like:

- Breakfast and coffee for clients
- Presentations, talks and roundatables
- Cocktails for clients or potential clients
- Networking: private meetings with clients, authorities or suppliers.

The Palace will count with a refurbished VIP room where high authorities and speakers of the event will be able to rest and refresh themselves. The access to this room will also be granted for sponsors, offering them a unique and exclusive high-level networking opportunity. 

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