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Marca España

WFS has been named Marca España, given to those projects that help broadcast Spain's image, boost its values, culture and give traction  to the national identity at an international level.

Consejo Superior de Deportes (CSD)

The highest insitution regarding the Administration of Sport Insitutions and Organizations in Spain.

Afe - Asociación de Futbolistas Españoles

AFE is an service association of football player which promote their as a group of players. As well to ensure development of their career, job promotion, defending, and guarantee for their rights to get a job, economy, social, now and present, also transmitting sport value to its members and societies. The selection of AFE España, annually, participate in FIFPro tournament.

Working with values are Union, Proximity, Transparantcy, Intergrity and Firmness.

Global Sports Innovation Center by Microsoft

Global Sports Innovations Center (GSIC) working in differents focused area to meet specific needs of many audiences, including students, government, and institutions. Located in center of Madrid, GSIC has one goal to imporve the value chain of Sport Industry by leveraging the most advanced technologies, enabling business connections and becoming a worldwide reference for the sport industry.

Senn Ferrero Sport & Entertainment

Senn, Ferrero, Asociados Sport & Entertainment is a new specialist boutique where you can shop for all official advice that you need in sport and entertainment sector. All the teams come from professional study like two degrees (law and economy), Business management, and Business Administration and proven experiences in the sector of sport and entertainment which help the company in order to reach the goals and giving highest standart of service.

Senn, Ferrero, Asociados Sport & Entertainment also in collaborate with Zertior Sports & Entertainment, S.L.

La Liga - UCAM University

UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia in collaborate with La Liga on the basis of taking step forward sport into professionalized. Both institutions are realize that beyond the players and the clubs, there are also important figures such as general managers, marketing, sport managers, and sport scouts that needs academic qualifications in order to perform their works and obtain the knowledge. The university propose varieties program and uniquness experiences from professional figure.

La Liga - UCAM university offers highest standart of educations with highly qualified faculty and curriculum that focus on prepare professionals on the requirements of the "Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia" and the "Liga de Fútbol Profesional".

Street Football World

"Football For Good"

With the purpose to explore the world of football and change young lives through football, Street Football World present officially since 2002. They believe football is more than a beautiful game that could be a force for good. More than 15 strong team's member generate global network with more that 100 community organizations and support them through programmes, infrastructure, consultancy and events. 


iSportconnect is the largest global private network of Sport Business Executive which launched in June, 2002.  Aims to bring togetherness in sport business around the world, the exclusive membership has to follow a strict door policy yet enable to meet one and another, share viewpoints, share informations and access to a wide range of relevant services.

iSportconnect gives full service in various medium. For instance, digital service where each member/community could access advance people, sport industry and send private messaging as well get daily news,  look for feature jobs and understand the market place. additionally, iSportconnect has a TV Channel, run an exclusive director's club event to gain network with some of the most influent people in international sport and educational service like "iSportconnect Media Training".

Yutang Sports

Yutang Sports is the premier sports marketing platform in China. Over 20 years provide marketing and strategic suggestions as well as sponsorship service for team and enterprises and involve in business of sports marketing and sponsorship,  Yutang Sports believe could help international business opportunities into China for development through sports likewise sports has changed the world. 


DANTANI Inc. is a sport and media company which offering athletes management, sponsorship strategy and activatuon, event management, Sport PR and social media engagement. With the vision creativity and innovation, DANTANI Inc. was founded by Omar Al Raisi. Short biography regarding the founder, he is a senior sport columnist fot The National newspaper in Abu Dhabi as well as contiributes regularly for beIn Sports.

Foro de Marcas Renombradas Españolas

An Institution that supports and helps important brands in Spain that add value and generate real, large-scale benefits to the country.

Comunidad de Madrid

Comunidad de Madrid is a Spanish autonom organization which located in Madrid, the capital city of Spain. This organization mainly consentrated in metropolitan area of Madrid and accomodate demographic issues. Comunidad de Madrid also part of historical region of Castilla (well-known as official catellana according to aunotom's law) which has a central position in transportation network of Spain.

The City Hall of Madrid

The city hall of Madrid or el ayuntamiento de Madrid is an institution which leads the city government with the councillors support.  There are 57 councillors for Madrid City whereas the distributions devided to Partido Popular, Ahora Madrid, Partido Socialista Obrero Español and Cuidadanos.


Universia is the biggest Latin America network who collaborate with more than 1.400 universities and high educations intitutions in 23 countries. Universia also offering undergraduate and graduate student a scholarship to study abroad or local univeristy as well offering job for student who already finished their study at university. 


Atrevia is communications consultant company which run in 10 countries with global partners in the other 5 continents. Has founded over 25 years, Atrevia believes that communications is everything and part of human being that could change rality. The number one global communications consultancy in Spain with a Latin Spirit, expert in corporate, brand, people area and transversal services and always anthusiastically provide the teams knowledge with dreams and ambition to reach the target audiences.

Meliá Hotel International

Meliá Hotels International is one of the world's largest resort hotel chains in Spain as well the first Spanish hotel company with presence in serveral markets. The company has been involved in a number of merger and acquisition operations and currently provide more than 370 hotels in 43 countries on 4 continents. 


UNICEF is a global organizations which upholding justice and rights for everyone especially kids and helps them to reach new value in life. Began the phenomenon after World War II, this american organization which created by United Nations provides food, clothing, and medecine for European Children.

fundamentally, UNICEF takes a life-cycle based approach, recognize the particular importance of childhood development and adolescence as well promote educations for girls and ensure every kids complete their primary education as a minimun. UNICEF believes every kids has to get the same value and amounts of educations, foods, and healty.

At this state, UNICEF are active in more than 190 countries and territories through country programmes.


fcBUSINESS is the forefront football-business magazine basis in UK for UK & Republic of Ireland football industry as practical guide for those who related to football business at every level.

Published since 2004, fcBUSINESS continue to make huge strides within the industry and provide insight, discussion, research and information regarding all topics around football industy.

Vinces "building legitimacy"

Vinces is a spanish strategic consultancy which run for Government and Corporate Affair to manage complexity in a framework of transparancy. Vinces has unique methodology development called the Representation Pyramid, fundamentally principle is the following "the stronger the social legitimacy is, the greater the ability to influence politics and policy."

Strongly contingent upon that, Vinces develops its strategic that every public decision-making process is deteminded by a social component related to civil society. The company promoting the legitimated influence of Corporate interests in the non-market environment to maximize business sustainabilty and and analyzes the opinion of the social cuase. In way about create participate structure, collaborate with civil society through technology.


Ticketea is a perfect "friends" to organize and manage your plan. It's more thant an online platform that offer different type of public tickets and promotions, Ticketea also suits as a partner to the success of an event.

Good Morning Sport

As a newbie in Sport Business platform, yet Good Morning Sport has partners all around the world. Experienced in facilitate and connect business opportunities for individuals, institution and companies. Also, has collaborated with many companies by distribute ideas and commercialize development regarding new trend, issues, event, objectives and the best practices in order to generate high-impact content. 

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20 Oct, 2016
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