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The Secret Life Of Superhero

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Je vois la scène d’ici! Le photographe HrJoe relaxe chez lui un dimanche

matin après un samedi soir bien arrosé. Ne sachant trop que faire dans

son état semi-végétatif, il décide de prendre ses jouets de jeunesse et il

se trouve soudain très drôle de les placer dans des positions non-

habituelles! De cette activité nait le prochain «Toys Photography».

Quand même, bravo pour le flash, ça m’a fait beaucoup rire!

Hrjoe Photography’s playful and expertly-executed photos prove that

superhero action figures aren’t just for kids. Edy Hardjo, the

photographer behind the project, uses detailed, high-quality action

figures to put some of our favorite superheros into hilarious and

sometimes compromising positions.

After putting the figures into their picture-perfect poses, he removes

the stands he uses to prop them and some of the more obvious joints

with Photoshop to make them seem more life-like. For someone who

picked up photography as a hobby, he certainly does an exceptional job!

In an interview with Shutterbug, Hardjo explained “I use my daily

experience as source of ideas… All I do is replace the ‘usual’ thing with

the ‘unusual.'”

More info: Facebook | Instagram (h/t: shutterbugufunkdemilked)

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23 Nov, 2015
almost 4 years ago

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