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Block I: Economic Axis of Football

Football is so much more than a mere sport. Economically speaking, football’s influence goes way beyond the 90 minute games. In Spain alone, the football industry represents over 1% of the national GDP and offers countless business opportunities.

Football’s business model will be explored with a special focus on Spain, approaches to the different management styles, internationalization of the industry, diversification of income sources and the role of firms and clubs in the international football arena.

Block III: Football and Social Implications

Football is a sport with important values that can be used as a tool to fight poverty and social exclusion. In this section, important Institutions, clubs and firms will present us their programs and contributions to the improvement of child welfare and disfavored societies.

What is the role of football in the development of social engagement and integration? During the second part of the forum our speakers will talk about the social implications and programs they carry out to contribute, taking a look at the most altruistic and humanly committed side of the sport. 

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