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World Football Summit will be held in Madrid, Spain during 27th-28th October 2016. Scroll down to discover more!
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What is WFS?

A large-scale international convention dedicated to the football industry including the Clubs, Players, Companies and Institutions forming it. The first of its kind celebrated in Madrid, Spain.

When will it happen?

WFS will take place during October 2016. It will start on Thursday 27th October and finish on Friday 29th, although the Fan Zone will also be open during Saturday the 29th where different activities and events will be occuring.

How will it be?

It will consist of a three-day event in which talks, lectures and roundtable discussions will be adjacent to the guide lines of the event: the conferences lead by our top-tier speakers.

These are centered in three main high-interest topics that will be discussed and developed throught the course of WFS. You can find them in our website in further detail!

Why is WFS needed?

The aim of World Football Summit is to unleash the potential of the football industry in Spain, where it accounts for over 1% of its total GDP. 

To do so, WFS will bring together all the main figures involved in a perfect showcase where they will find access to privileged networking opportunities and clients that would normally be out of their reach.

Who is WFS for?

The answer is for everyone dedicated to the football industry or simply, anyone that loves the sport. World Football Summit will be attended by over 800 people, 250 brands and more than 30 first-class speakers. Furthermore, the event will present over 160 hours of networking and B2B's, offering inimaginable opportunities and emprises for many firms yet to be discovered.

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21 Oct, 2016
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