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The Conferences

In case you missed it out, check the full videos of the conferences that took place during World Football Summit 2016, on October 27-28th!
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Ceremonia de Inauguración / Opening Ceremony

Derechos de Televisión, Distribución del Contenido y Repartos de Ingresos / TV Rights, Content Distribution and Revenue Sharing

Los TPI ¿alternativas reales? / Third Party Investments ¿any alternatives?

El Fútbol como elemento de Inclusión Social / Football as an Element of SOcial Inclusion

El Futuro de la Industria del Fútbol Profesional / The Future of the Industry of Professional Football

Smart Stadiums

Patrocinio Deportivo & Contexto / Sports Sponsorship & Context

WFS-GSIC StartUp Challenge

Inversiones en Equipos de Fútbol / Investments in Football Teams

Ética del Fútbol, Función y Dimensiones / Football Ethics, Role & Dimensions

China: On the Rise

Perspectivas del Fútbol Femenino: Presente y Futuro / Perspectives on Women's Football: Present & Future

The New Digital Fan Experience

From Fan Engagement to Monetization

Influencers: una nueva realidad para su negocio / Influencers: a New Reality for your Business

Ceremonia de Clausura / Closing Ceremony

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17 Nov, 2016
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