Svabhu Kohli

Illustrations du monde naturel
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Les images colorées, multi-couches représentent les océans et lecosmos, en se concentrant spécifiquement sur ​​les créatures comme les baleines, les phoques et les tortues.

India-based illustrator Svabhu Kohli celebrates the splendor of the natural world with his intricately crafted works of art. The colorful, multi-layered images depict the oceans and cosmos, specifically focusing on creatures like whales, seals, and turtles. Each illustration utilizes many digital textures in order to create visual depth and excitement, but they still feel very painterly with evidence of the human hand.

With so many tiny details, I’m glad that Svabhu has produced vignettes to accompany his larger pieces. Think of them like a microscope into his work!