Sebastián Lancestremère

Sebastián is the General Manager of Sport Business at Microsoft Corporation. As so, he will be involved in Block 3: Technological Impact in Football.
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Who is Sebastián?

Sebastian is the Head of Microsoft Sports, defining the corporate strategy, new business models and monetization opportunities for Clubs, Leagues and Federations. He is also leading the digital transformation partnership with Real Madrid. Industrial Engineer and MBA in Buenos Aires, with 18 years of experience at Microsoft and 24 years in the IT industry.

The Future is Now. Leading the Digital Transformation.

He has specialized in digital marketing strategies and the business of entertainment, media and sports at Harvard Business School. He is the president of the Global Sports Innovation Center (GSIC), member of the advisory board of the Sports & Marketing Center at ESIC, and guest speaker at Universities and conferences.

Passion powers passion.

Real Madrid & Microsoft

Microsoft partners one of the greatest futbol clubs in the world, Real Madrid, to transform their organization through technology. Microsoft Cloud technology and devices are not only evolving the way they do business but also giving Real Madrid’s 450 million international fans unprecedented access to their favorite club.

The deal was closed on November 2014, and it ensured a strategic partnership of two gigantic companies. Chairman Florentino Pérez assured in the presence of Orlando Ayala, Chairman of emerging markets for Microsoft, that the deal: "Ensures in every country, on every continent, there will always be millions of Madridistas connected by a feeling that knows no borders, and we will be there with you. This club always seeks excellence and there are areas in which this club has proved a pioneer. We must keep pace with the new times and strengthen the pride of belonging to the best club in the world."

The Global Sports Innovation Center (GSIC) has a primary goal of improving the value chain of the Sport industry by leveraging the most advanced technologies, enabling business connections, and becoming a worldwide reference for the sports industry, from start-ups to enterprise organizations.

Located in downtown Madrid, the center provides technology services, solutions and programs that meet the needs of many audiences such as students, entrepreneurs, governments, and industries. With this aim, GSIC's facilities have different areas focused on their specific needs.

At its core, the GSIC is set up as an open space for applied research, demonstration of innovative solutions both B2C and B2B, collaboration, networking & business development, job creation and the foundation of a robust sport ecosystem by fostering start-ups incubation and growth thanks to venture capital`s funding and programs.

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10 Mar, 2017
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