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Severe Exposure to bedtime stories as a child led to an overactive imagination. The result, sheer lunacy!
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Brain's Fairy Aiding Inventions 
Inspired by Victorian Gadgetry and Invention I create suspended, wall mounted and free standing sculptures. I use a combination of found, collected and carefully selected materials to illustrate with three dimensionally. All my creations have a strong narrative content; I particularly enjoy depicting characters going about their everyday lives.

One theme that I explore within my work places what can only be described as 'fairies' with machine-like contraptions. Here my extraordinary objective is to realise the necessities and requirements that would be involved in 'fairy life': to provide everything a fairy would demand during its daily existence. I have named these 'Fairy Aiding Inventions', invented by 'Brain' (me). They are theoretically functional items for the mildly eccentric.

I try to express a sense of fantasy as well as wit and humour within my work. My aim is to create an imaginary world for people to enter, a nostalgic glimpse of childhood fantasies. I endeavour to capture every imagination! 

Although I mainly work small scale, being commissioned to construct public artworks forced me to experiment with scale. It revealed how my sculptures can exist in a larger format and how they can be site specific. I intend to continue to explore scale within my sculptures. I am currently working on developing more wall based works.

Technical Information
Materials span from organic matter, paper clay and hand dyed leather, to sheet metal and wire. The construction process is labour intensive and involves a variety of skills. I incorporate mainly soldering, small metal working, wood working and each detail on a figure is hand stitched to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved. The figures are built around a wire skeleton. I then stitch the body out of fine leather. More recently I have introduced knitted elements into parts of the 'body-suit' where appropriate. The heads are moulded out of air drying paper clay. I spend time sourcing items to embellish the figures, to produce such as helmets, ear muffs, goggles and wings.

The machine-like contraptions are constructed using mainly brass tube, wire and sheet. These are manipulated into shape and silver soldered into place. The metal structures are then chemically treated to give the impression of age.

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08 Oct, 2015
about 6 years ago

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