Salmon Fishing in Asturias

In Asturias, the Salmon Fishing Festival “El Campanu” marks the beginning of the salmon season and if you are lucky enough to catch the first one then you could be better off by up to 13,000 Euros once it goes to public auction!!
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In Asturias you can fishing salmon and different varieties of trout. There are 63 salmon preservations and 48 trout preservations.

Here the salmon is the king! Currently, Asturias is the community on the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) in which more salmon are captured. Salmon Fishing is a yearly event. There is a huge expectation along the whole season, especially at the start where there is a competition for finding the very popular “Campanu” which is the first salmon fished in every Asturias River during the campaign. The first salmon captured in Asturias is the most important and journalists and television cameras from all over Spain and other countries come to cover the event. This is because this first fish is sold for big money! Always costing more than 6,000 Euros and it is usually bought by the most prestigious restaurants of Spain to honour their best and more popular clients.

The Salmon Fishing Festival is steeped in history and legend has it that the local Monastery of Cornellana in Salascouncil used to ring it’s bells to mark the first salmon of the season caught in the whole of Asturias hence the name “El Campanu” or “the bell”.

It’s official, the Salmon Fishing season is open!

Many thanks to Arnaldo Costa from the Royal Association of river fishing in Asturias for all his help.


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