Route of Las Xanas

The Route of Las Xanas is a moderate walk that weaves through a mountain gorge in Santo Adriano in the vally of Terverga (Asturias).
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The Gorge of Las Xanas (Desfiladero de Las Xanas) starts in Santo Adriano. It is a spectacular gorge of grey slopes carved by the wild torrent of the Regueiru river, which is a tributary of the Trubia river, in the Sierra del Aramo.Las Xanas comes to reach a height of 500 metres between the course of the ravine and the summits of the peaks which make up the geological structure of the gorge.

The gorge of Las Xanas invites to dream. It is path through the purest and most intact nature of the Asturian landscape, its mythology, a enjoyable path carved in the slope of a mountain which reaches to the heart of the forest accompanied by the babbling of the water. The itinerary is long, it requires to be fit and certain hiking habit.

It lasts for about 2 hours and when you get to the top, you’ll find a wonderful restaurant in the village of Pedrovella called Casa Generosa. There, you’ll be seated underneath the traditional food store called an “Horreo”. It’s Al fresco dining at it’s finest!!

If you continue a little futher to Casa Chema in La Aquera you can experiance the “Best Fabada in the world 2011“!

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