Rock Climbing in Asturias

The rugged and mountainous nature of the Asturian landscape lends itself perfectly to Rock Climbing and is becoming a destination of choice for serious climbers from all over the world who are looking for something a bit different.
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The local Spanish climbers have been very busy over the past few decades bolting and developing many of the crags and now there are literary hundreds of routes to choose from.

In terms of climbing grades, Asturias has it all. From easy learning grade climbs to the hair raising multi-pitch routes of Naranjo De Bulnes (Picu Urriellu) in the Picos de Europa which is now seen as one of the most difficultclimbs in Europe if not the world. Every type of climbing is catered for and there are plenty of facilities on offer for climbers visiting the region. Asturias has a good network of “Refugios” which are mountain hostels that are normally situated at or close to most of the best climbing areas. These hostels are very reasonably priced which is a bonus in these times. If you are looking for more salubrious accommodation then you’ll never be short of places to stay as nearly all of the climbing areas in Asturias are situated in nature reserves and protected biosphereswhere tourism is already well developed.

A couple of important things to note about climbing in Asturias is that firstly, the local climbers are very easy going and very welcoming and provided language isn’t a barrier, they will be happy and in many ways quite proud to part with any information they might have about routes, weather etc. Secondly, you will never be competing with others to get access to the routes. There are now so many bolted routes that you’ll be guaranteed full days of uninterrupted climbing. It should also be mentioned that despite been Spain, the local weather is much more comfortable to climb in due to its northerly position…. Basically, you won’t be baked onto the rock like you would in the south of the country.

The beauty about climbing here in Asturias is that it’s not just about climbing. The adrenaline junkies amongst you will appreciate all the other extreme sports you can avail of like caving, pot holing, canoeing, white water rafting,surfing, paragliding etc. Asturias is a paradise for any activity you can think of.

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Locations included in the Video are

Poo de Cabrales Crag. Cabrales District. Picos de Europa

[gmap fullscreen=1 description="$desc" zoom=11]43.311799,-4.83876[/gmap]

Quiros Crag. Quiros District

[gmap fullscreen=1 description="$desc" zoom=11]43.203471,-6.015211[/gmap]

Cuevas del Mar Sea Cliffs. Llanes District

[gmap fullscreen=1 description="$desc" zoom=11]43.456969,-4.937425[/gmap]


Other impotant places in Asturias to Climb are:

Naranjo de Bulnes. Pico Urriellu. Cabrales District

Pelugano. Aller District

Cordal de Sobia, Pena Gradura and Villa del sub. Teverga District

Valle del Lago. Somiedo District

Thank you very much to everyone who helped us produce this video, especially:

Nacho Jimenez from Urban Monkey

Irene Ribelles, Chechu and the Quiros Adventure Hostal

Victor Sanchez Martinez. Picos de Europa Guide

and to Julieta and Martin Filomena  for all their help organizing this video