Rick Parry

Rick Parry is ex CEO of Liverpool FC and former head of the British FA Premier League
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Richard Parry was born on February 23, 1955 in Merseyside, UK. He was appointed to assisting in the management of the Premier League where he managed to close a record £214 million bid on TV rights deals with BSkyB and the BBC after devising the formula for the sharing of TV rights amongst clubs, which would later turn into a £700 million deal thanks to Rick's vision of the PL as one of the major professional football competitions in the world. This formula is still used today, and is considered the best and fairest retribution system amongst Europe's Big Leagues.

In 1998 he was named Chief Executive of Liverpool Football Club by David Moores, the Chairman at the time. Under Parry's time as CEO of Liverpool, the club signed Spanish Rafa Benítez and completed some of the most succesful seasons in the history of the club, including ten major trophies and the consecution of the UEFA Champions League in 2005 against AC Milan in one of the most memorable finals ever played.

Speaking on what the Hillsborough tragedy meant for him

Looking forward to his participation!

Rick will be speaking during the block dedicated to the Economis Axis of Football, particularly on the topic TV Rights, Content Distribution and Revenue Sharing. 

Rick and Rafa talking during their time together at Liverpool

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15 Sep, 2016
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