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Qube privacy

For beQbe, your privacy is our priority. So, when you decide to create content, you must be able to decide what you will do with it: share it with everybody, with your friends, with one person, or keep it for yourself.

This privacy will be present in any of your activities. Let us show you how it works!

In the following table you can see the various privacy levels and their impact on your Qubes management.

Qubes privacy level summary
**Level****Who can send?****Who can see and subscribe?****Does it appear in the seach results?****Does it appear in the Library?**
PrivateNo oneOnly creatorNoOnly creator's library
RestrictedCreatorCreator and anyone who has receivedNoCreator's library and user's library who have subscribed
ShareableCreator and anyone who has receivedCreator and anyone who has receivedNoCreator's library and user's library who have subscribed
PublicUsers registeredAnyone (including visitors not registered)YesCreator's library and user's library who have subscribed


A Qube subscription is not visible for the rest of users or visitors. Subscriptions will only be visible when they are related to a Qube in your showcase or in public collections.

Private zones

Private collections are your private area, where you can file and sort all the Qubes to which you have subscribed without other users knowing.

The Library is also private and other users and visitors can not see anything you have saved unless you have explicity saved in your showcase or a public collection.

Public zones

Showcase and Public collections are your public area, where you can show Qubes of your choice.

How to see your public and private collections

How another user sees your showcase and public collections (your profile)

Within each Qube, there is a "Saved" area (just below "Rating" space) in which users profiles are displayed. These are users who have subscribed to this Qube and moved it to their public zone (showcase or public collection).

Profile privacy

Generally, profile privacy works exactly like ordinary Qubes.

Friendship and privacy

Privacy doesn't invalidate user ability to make friends, however if a user sets its privacy level to anything different than "Public", other users will not be able to find it in most cases, so they can not send friendship requests. On the other hand, a user with a private profile can send friendship requests.

04 Mar, 2016
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