Poo Beach in Llanes - Asturias

Nestled at the foot of the Picos de Europa in the council of Llanes, Poo Beach is a must for those looking for a place to take a swim and enjoy beautiful landscapes as they travel through the region.
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Poo Beach, LlanesAsturias

Admittedly, there were plenty of chuckles in the car as I explained what the word “poo” meant in English to my local assistant. This continued right up to the point of arrival at Poo (pronounced Po) beach but then changed to expressions of awe and joy as we marveled at this wonderful place: Poo Beach

Poo beach is spotless and has a very tranquil nature to it. It’s a very sheltered cove that makes it ideal for families and small kids to play to their hearts content as you don’t have to worry about the sometimes tempestuous nature of the Cantabrian Sea.

Poo Beach is a fantastic child-friendly beach. The name puts children in a giggly mood before you even get there. This is enhanced by caves, a deeply shelving area with great waves, a shallow stretch for paddling, and headlands and streams.

Poo Beach is well serviced offering public showers and there is also a restaurant right at the entrance that is open all year around, two cafes provide snacks and loos. Lifeguards at most times, but observe the flag system.

Parking can be an issue but the local community does allow visitors to park their cars in the surrounding fields during peak seasons.

15 Jan, 2016
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