Oleiros Beach in Cudillero - Asturias

Stepping on to Oleiros Beach is like stepping into another time. This 700 m beach is positively Jurassic in its nature and you get a wonderful feeling of purity as you stroll along its mix of fine sand and small pebbles.
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Oleiros Beach is a great beach for both professional loungers and those of us who like peering into rock pools and studying rock formations. Even though there is not much in the way of amenities close by, you will still find yourself content to spend many hours there and time will go by unnoticed.

To access the Oleiros Beach you must first enter the village of El Salamir where you will find a recreation area amidst a pine forest. The council of Cudillero has placed a few BBQ’s around the forest which are available for the public to use as they wish. You can park your car at this recreation area and walk to the Oleiros Beach or continue driving down a small track through the centre of the forest where you will be able to park just meters from the beach entrance.

At the entrance of Oleiros Beach you will have to negotiate a very steep stairway and so it should not be considered accessible for very young kids, the aged or the disabled.

You are allowed to bring pets to the Oleiros Beach and it is also allowed to practice nudity though this is restricted to right side of the beach when facing the sea.

When conditions are right Oleiros Beach can be a great reef break for surfing.

Recommended and geologically very interesting!

23 Jan, 2015
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