Mirage LED photorejuvenation face mask

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Mirage LED photorejuvenation face mask - EvenSkyn® Mirage: Pro LED Phototherapy Face Mask

Professional grade light therapy skin rejuvenation led face mask, As Mirage LED photorejuvenation face mask comprising an industry leading 204 individual units of the most powerful
Light Emitting Diodes LEDs ever manufactured for an at home portable LED face mask ✔ Guaranteed reduction in wrinkles fine lines.

✔ Guaranteed reduction in wrinkles & fine lines*
✔ Improvement in skin laxity, texture and health
✔ Safe for all skin tone & types
✔ Non-invasive, science-based & pain-free
✔ 1-Year Comprehensive Manufacturer's Warranty

*Guaranteed noticeable results within 4 weeks (with a minimum of 3 full sessions per week, of 25-minutes each), or your money back, as per the EvenSkyn® 60 Day
Money Back promise.

The Mirage LED face mask's three color modes help improve the appearance of photoaged skin through a non-invasive mechanism known as photobiomodulation which triggers
physical and chemical events in the skin that range from collagen synthesis (red light), and acne reduction (blue light), to improving wound healing & skin
rejuvenation (yellow light).

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31 Oct, 2021
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