Michael Cunnah

Michael is Chairman of iSportconnect, a global sport business network community. Before that, he was COO of Aston Villa Football Club.
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The perfect man for the job

Graduated in Marketing and in Business Management, Michael entered the Footall Association (FA) in 1998. He served for 3 years as the organisation’s Finance Director before being appointed as Chief Executive Officer for Wembley Stadium in 2001, where he personally managed the redevelopment of the new National Stadium. He then moved to Aston Villa FC, where he served COO from 2007 to 2008. Besides being Chairman at iSportconnect - the first online TV channel for the worldwide sports business industry, broadcasting daily news shows and weekly round-up of the major news stories with expert insights from key people from inside the industry -, Michael is also Director of Sportsmax, the Caribbean’s leading sports TV company.

His contribution to World Football Summit will be centered in the Director's Club, which he will be co-organizing.  The Director's Club will consist on discussion panels on diverse topics held in private at Hotel Meliá Fenix with the participation of no more than 60 C-Level executives who will be invited to such event.

"The Director's Club have proven to be incredibly popular, they are first informer's networking events and invitation only, so the people that are coming are worth meeting and are wanting to meet each other with the objective of doing business.

The panelists behind the DC are of the highest quality, very senior in their organizations and are made up of people from different sectors and sides."

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13 Oct, 2016
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