Meet the Asturians - Marcos Tamargo

Gijon artist Marcos Tamargo has being enjoying success on the international art scene for a number of years now and he is still only 30 years old. This young asturian painter develops his artistic work between USA and Europe.
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Marcos Tamargo currently lives between New York and Gijon, Asturias, but a few weeks ago he invited WIA to his studio in Gijon to shoot a portrait of this young man as he prepared for his latest show in NY City.

Despite being so young, his works suggest a maturity and vision that has enabled him to exhibit in America, Spain, Canada and Germany with great interest.

His current works consist of a new style of painting using luminescent paint which offers an interesting and unusual dimension for the observer: the Black Light. It is a new technique that uses a “special” paint, apparently transparent, so the color can be seen or not depending on the light projected on them. When the light projected on the piece is natural or white, the human eye will not be able to appreciate the existence of color, only the black light will reveal the true motif of the work.

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