Matt Stevenson-Dodd

Matt is CEO of Street Football World, an organization that uses football as a tool to drive social change in communities.
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8 Main Areas where to Incise

  1. Employability
  2. Education
  3. Social Integration
  4. Peace building
  5. Gender Equality
  6. Health
  7. Youth Leadership
  8. Environment

About Matt Stevenson-Dodd

Matt is a respected charity leader with a background in youth work, social enterprise, education and sport based social impact. He was recently selected by The Guardian as one of the top charity CEO's on social media and in 2014 was selected as one of the top 5 people to follow on Twitter on Social Isolation and Underemployment.

Matt has led Street League since 2010, changing its direction and driving growth of 30-40% every year for the past five years. Street League now employs 136 full time staff, operates in 13 regions across the UK and serves 36 local communities. The organisation has diversified income streams to the point that over 50% comes from delivering public sector contracts with the remainder coming from ever growing commercial support. 

In 2014 the RFU appointed Matt to the 'Try For Change' Legacy Panel of the Rugby World Cup 2015. He is a qualified youth worker, a Board member of CAN and has an MBA with Distinction from Nottingham University.

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20 Jul, 2016
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