La Concha de Artedo Beach in Cudillero

La Concha de Artedo Beach, so named because to the beach’s conch like shape, is one of Asturias’ finest and cleanest beaches there is.
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La Concha de Artedo Beach, CudilleroAsturias

La Concha de Artedo Beach has been awarded the “Blue Flag” consecutively over the last number of years and deservedly so.

At high tide La Concha de Artedo Beach appears to be a stone pebble beach which might not be ideal for lounging but once the tide recedes, a stunning golden sand beach appears allowing visitors to paddle and swim to their hearts content.

La Concha de Artedo Beach offers amble parking at its entrance, showers, nearby camping and a restaurant and picnic area.

At the entrance of the beach you will also notice a large marsh area which is home to many species of birds and animals and is a great place to explore.

Along the beach there is a recently built boardwalk which is actually part of the The Coastal Route of Santiago (St James pilgrimage route) and is very popular with walkers as the route takes in some stunning coastal landscapes.

La Concha de Artedo Beach is situated in the council of Cudillero. It’s nearest town is Lamuño.

23 Jan, 2015
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