How to register a new Gmail, set up, cre

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How to register a new Gmail, set up, create a Gmail account 2021

To sign up for Gmail and own an electronic mailbox in the technology Gmail 4.0 is essential, not only allows you to send/receive messages but also helps you set up your Facebook account, Skype .... simply, Users can set up Gmail accounts to serve many different purposes.

How To Sign Up For Gmail Google

Signing up for a new Gmail, setting up and creating a Gmail 2021 account is no different from creating a Hotmail account, with just a few simple steps you have a new Gmail mailbox with free storage up to 15GB. Specifically, the steps are as follows

Step 1: Access the address to create a new Gmail account, the next step in the Gmail registration section is quite important and you need to follow the instructions to avoid confusion. Enter personal information in the blank box below =>  click  Next  ( Next Step ).

-  Name: Include your Last name ( First ) and Last name ( Last ).

-  Choose your username: Enter the name of the new Gmail account you want to create.

+ Note: Enter a new Gmail account name without a new user is accepted, if a message appears, it means there is an invalid user or email account

- Create a password: Create a password for your new Gmail account ( The password should contain numbers, letters, capital letters, and special characters for security and safety, to avoid being stolen by others)

-  Confirm your password: Reconfirm the password you just entered above (requires this password to match the password in the  Create a password section )

+ Attention when setting Gmail password: When registering Gmail, you should think and Preset a password for your Gmail account, avoid you forgetting the password after setting up Gmail, then save it in a visible place when needed. However, if in case you forget, you can still recover your Gmail password easily.

Step 2: Set up personal information for  Gmail account according to each item below, after entering, click  => click  Next ( Next Step ) to go to the next item. -  Location: The country you are living in. -  Mobile phone: Enter your phone number, the purpose to activate using Gmail. If you do not enter a phone number or the phone number has been used too many times, you cannot create Gmail -  Your current email address: Enter your current email address (can be filled or not). -  Birthday

: Enter the exact date of birth, if the year of birth is less than 16 years old, you must have protection from your family to use it.

-  Gender: Select your gender.

Step 3: To make sure that this phone number is yours, Google will send you a text message with a 6-digit verification code to the phone number you entered in Step 2, click Submit.

Step 4: Soon a code snippet code includes 6 numbers sent to your phone, enter them in the box Verification code => click the X button evil Ming blue lying underneath to finish.

Step 5: Next, you need to agree to the terms and service policy of NPH when registering to create a new Gmail account, click I Agree at the bottom of the list.

After following the step-by-step instructions above, you have created yourself a new Gmail account, you can use them for many different purposes. Good luck.

Now that Gmail is available on mobile devices, signing up for Gmail on your phone is as simple as registering on your computer. Once created, you can also send and receive Emails normally. After you have set up a Gmail account, you can search and download utilities to help manage your Email account better available. Besides, you can also use Gmail to register for Facebook and log into Facebook with your Gmail account.

How To Register For Gmail, Create Gmail On The Phone

Follow the steps below to know how to create a Gmail account on Android phones, Windows Phones, and iPhones,  first you need to determine if your phone already has the Gmail app or not, if not, you need to download and install it. them immediately.

Step 1:  Open your web browser, go to address and then select Sign in. When the website loads, click Create a new Gmail account.

Step 2: In the account creation section, enter the correct information including your name, email address, and password. In addition, both the date of birth and the phone number must be entered correctly to activate and then click  Continue.

Step 3: After completing the Gmail creation, click on Create profile and start to use Gmail.

Step 4: Finally, you start the Gmail application available on Android, iOS phones ... use the newly created Gmail account to log in to your system to send and receive mail as you like.

How To Sign In To Gmail

After creating a new Gmail account is complete, the system will automatically redirect you to the main interface of Inbox. So when normally you want to access Gmail directly from the browser, how do you do it? Now on the web browser, you enter the URL bar only on the web browser 1 of the following 2 addresses: " " or " ". L Australia will display information logged into your Gmail (in case you sign in to Gmail earlier that saved progress in Gmail then you will be redirected to the Gmail account you) and you can send, receive emails from others.

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