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How to create qubes

This Qube is a short guide on how to create qubes with a few elements, quickly and easily.
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Start guide qube creating

This Qube is a short guide on how to create qubes with a few elements, quickly and easily.

Create the Qube

First, click on the “Create Qube” button in the main menu as you can see in the image.

Name, description and privacy

Put a name, description and privacy. This will be the information that will be seen in the results of the search and in the home.

By default the Qube is public. Have a look at privacy here. Don’t worry about level of privacy that you have choosen for your Qube, you can change it afterwards.

Go on and select a cover image. You can select one from your gallery or your computer.

Choose the categories where you want to store your Qube (fashion trends, children and family…). You can choose only three categories.

Choose the Qube design. Remember that this is not definitive, you will be able to modify it later.

Click on the “Finish” buttom and the Qube is done! Altough empty of content. 

Add the information

Click on the (+) buttom and add the ingredients:

  • Text: To put any text. Markdown and some HTML tags are supported.
  • Related Qubes: Direct links to other Qubes that you have in your library.
  • Gallery: A picture gallery. If you add more than one, miniatures will be seen at the top of the gallery.
  • Video: Add videos from, o
  • Carousel: Another picture gallery, in this case it is “carousel” type.
  • RSS:  Put last 10 entries from a blog, a paper or other feed.

Repit this process whenever you want to add any information.

Finally, when you have finished to add content, you must click on the “Save” button (on the right of edit tabs).

Finally, when you finish adding the contents, click on the “Save” buttom wich is at the top on the right hand side.

That's all!

04 Mar, 2016
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