Hotel & Spa Palacio de Meras

The Palacio de Meras Hotel is a five star hotel & Spa located in a unique natural enclave at the centre of the village of Tineo, in the south-west of the Asturias.
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The Palacio de Meras Hotel is a popular stopping point for those travelling along the Route of Saint James, The Original Way (Camino de Santiago).

The Palacio de Meras Hotel is one of the most representative historical buildings in the town and was refurbished in accordance to the buildings original features. It has been carefully restored using high quality materials that make for some outstanding hotel facilities designed for our customers’ pleasure and comfort. Our helpful and friendly staff will welcome you in English, French, German or Spanish.

The Palacio de Meras Hotel has a cafebarrestaurant, its own wine cellarevent rooms for up to 250 people,Spa facilitiesprivate rooms and much more. It has also reserved a special room to exhibit a collection of antiques of more than 1000 objects collected throughout the lifetime of Valentín Alba, a local master craftsman from the villageThe Palacio de Meras Hotel also offers the possibility of organizing a wide range of activities to promote the protection of the environment.
Rest is of the utmost importance for our guests and so are the many benefits and services offered to ensure you have a peaceful and pleasant stay. We offer you the possibility of choosing between rooms with beautiful views,junior suites or penthouse suites and all of them fitted with everything necessary for you to rest in the utmost comfort.

Our café offers a quiet atmosphere in a sun filled location ideal for enjoying a great selection of coffeesliquors,spirits, cocktails and wines. The café allows you to while away an afternoon deep in long conversations with friends or get lost in a good book you are reading. The café also offers Internet connection via WIFI.

Our restaurant offers the best of the local gastronomy. Soups and cold meats prepared mainly from pork constitute the base of the local cuisine. Cabbage stew (potaje de berzas), Chosco (one of the most popular dishes from the region made of pork), the famous Fabada casserole (made with white faba beans) or Arbeyos (a dish made with delicate tender peas) are amongst the most popular dishes. One can also enjoy dishes made withgame such as wild boar and venison. There are also a number of desserts to discover such as the classic rice pudding, pancakes and others made with dairy products. Also, the Barbaroja Wine Cellar offers a national and international selection of the best wines available.

Our Spa, located in the heart of the palace, will allow you to get deservedly pampered and enter a world of unforgettable sensations. The thermal water circuit includes a hydrotherapy pool with Jacuzziwater beds, awaterfall, a foot bathpressure water jets, and an aromatic pool. The latest hydrotherapy treatments are available as well as modern massage and beauty parlors where our therapists will look after your health and wellbeing. Some of the finest treatments are offered using gold, herbal essences, chocolate, algae, strawberry and passion fruit. You will also be able to use the saunaTurkish baths or enjoy a session of acupuncture to mention but a few.

23 Jan, 2015
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