Gijon Polytechnic School of Engineering

The new Gijón Polytechnic School of Engineering is the result of the merger of three prestigious Schools of University of Oviedo and will surely become a national reference in Engineering education.
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With an experience of over one hundred years, Gijón Polytechnic School of Engineering has adapted to the Bologna process by offering seven Engineering Grades and several Masters dealing with different aspects of Engineering. The offer of Masters includes degrees such as an Erasmus Mundus Master in Mechatronics as well as the Official Masters in Industrial Engineering, Communication Engineering and Computer Engineering. The facilities of Gijón Polytechnic School of Engineering have been thoroughly renewed (libraries, sports facilities, cafeterias suited to provide students with meals, new computer classrooms, green areas, WiFi connection), thus making the Campus of Gijón a modern and pleasant study area. Moreover, the polytechnic nature of the School of Engineering makes it easy for students to work in interdisciplinary teams, which will be a typical situation under graduates will find in their professional career.

Adapting to Bologna process involves opening up to Europe. Every year an increasing number of students from our Campus have the possibility to carry our part of their studies in over 50 universities from Europe and the rest of the world; they may even have internships in foreign companies.


• Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Chemical Engineering
This degree aims to train expert professionals capable to carry out tasks dealing with analysis, production or transformation of various materials. And all of this with an industrial focus.

• Bachelor’s Industrial-Technologies
Trains engineers with capabilities especially indicated for an industrial environment, where complex problems are essentially multidisciplinary.

• Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering
Students of this degree will be suited to develop and sign industrial engineering projects dealing with building, repairing, preserving, demolishing, manufacturing, installing or exploiting structures, mechanical equipment, industrials installations or manufacturing processes.

• Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering
Graduates in electrical engineering are professionals with scientific and technological knowledge related to generation, transportation, distribution and consumption of electrical energy.

• Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Electronics and Automatics Engineering
Electronics engineers can apply their skills in designing systems introducing improvements in industrial processes, development of new products, maintenance of industrial installations, but also in other fields such as medicine, agriculture, communication systems, etc.

• Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics Engineering in Information Technology
Graduates in Computers engineering are professionals with wide training that enables them to work in any phase of systems development life cycle in order to solve whatever problem relate to Information Technology and Communication.

• Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunication Technologies and Services Engineering
This grade trains students to design, analyze, implement, exploit and manage systems and services related to Information Technology and Communication so that they meet the required specifications.

23 Jan, 2015