Forma Antiqva - Baroque Music

Forma Antiqva is a Baroque music ensemble based in Oviedo. At the core of the group are the brothers Zapico who herald from the mining district of Langreo in Asturias.
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Here’s a real treat for classical music lovers.

The classically trained brothers Pablo, Daniel and Aarón started Forma Antiqva 10 years ago and since then have been nominated for the International Classical Music Awards as well as many other awards along the way.

The group Forma Antiqva works alongside some of the finest classical music artists from all over the world and offers an energetic and unique performance at every concert.

Many thanks to Aarón and all the members of Forma Antiqva for granting us access to film their performance of Henry Purcell’s “Dido and Aeneas” at the Príncipe Felipe Congress Hall in Oviedo.

At 7 minutes, this video is slightly longer than what we normally put out but when you see the performances you’ll then see why……so enjoy!

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