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First steps in beQbe

beQbe main concepts definitions
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Where do we start?

Welcome to beQbe, the platform where you can develop, store and share everything as a "Qube".

beQbe is composed by thousands of Qubes, whose look is that of square images with a title at the bottom of the page. 

(1) Home: where you can see all interesting Qubes

(2) Create a new Qube: tell your story in a Qube

(3) Filter the Qubes by categories

(4) Searcher: look for interesting Qubes

(5) User: access to your profile, choose language, about beQbe, help, customer service, Qubes statistics ...

(6) Access  to a Qube: if you click on the Qube, you will be able to see the content in a full screem

(7) Ray: Warning: the Qube has been updated since you last visited it. 

Inside the Qube

On getting inside the Qube you will find several icons:

(1) Sharing a Qube: Share the  Qube by email, on the different social nets or send it to a friend through beQbe

(2) Heart: it allows you to keep the qube in your library or, if you prefer, add it to a collection.

(3) Exit the Qube

Your library

Library is a place where you can see all the kept Qubes. You can get to it directly clicking the icon of your profile (1). In your library you can see:

Collections (2) where you keep the Qubes. The collections are like folders where you can organice your Qubes, and it they can be public or private.

Libary (3) where you will find all the Qubes that you have kept or created. 

Creations (4) where all the Qubes that you have created are kept

Friends (5). Here are all the profiles of those people that you have added

Images (6). All the uploaded images

Make a qube

In order to make a Qube, follow next guide: How to make qubes.

beQbe concepts

Alerts and Messages: Messages received from other users. 

Friends: Users who can send messages and Qubes. To make friends, go to their profile and send a friendship request. 

Library: The place where your Qubes are stored. 

Categories: A quickly way to catalogue Qubes. 

Collection: Best way to manage your suscribed Qubes. There are public and private collections. 

Showcase: Best way to show your favorite Qubes.

Ingredients: They are the elements you can add to your Qubes. There are a few types. 

Profile: Your profile, where your showcase and public collections will be seen. 

Qube: Qube is a unit of information that consists of several ingredients you may like. How to make qubes.

Estad√≠sticas: See the statistics of your Qubes (visits, shared Qubes, geographical and segemted statistics...)

04 Mar, 2016
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