DIY: Portable boardgame

How to do an easy and small portable boardgame. Original post (in Spanish):
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The idea is to make the boardgame drawn on a fabric, just to be closed in a sachet form containing the chips, so you can wear the full set in very little space.


  1. Choose a fabric to your liking, not fraying when cutted and not transparent when painted with a marker
  2. Cut a circle about 30cm in diameter
  3. Draw three concentric squares. I used permanent markers
  4. Mark the intersection points where the chips are placed
  5. Make holes in the edge of the circle to pass a string along the entire diameter (I used a paper punch)
  6. As chips, I used a flat round stones which are used for decoration, but you can use anything: pebbles or shells from the beach, chickpeas and dry beans, coins, reused chips... (For this game you need 9 chips for each colour, 18 in total).