Deep Sea Fishing in Asturias

A day out sea fishing for Tuna is a wonderful experience. Once you are 30km from the Asturian coastline, you will chance upon whale pods surfacing for air and an incredible amount of seabirds.
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Every aspect of life in Asturias is influenced by the Cantabric Sea (Bay of Biscay) from its unique weather patterns and temperate climate to industry, food and more recently, tourism and leisure.

Asturias has an extensive coastline with many beautiful beaches and fishing towns to explore. It also has an incredible network of rivers meandering through the mountainous landscapes and washing nutrients and food into the sea which creates a frenzy of sea life and makes Asturias a sea fishing enthusiasts dream.

You can fish just about anywhere there is water provided you have the right licence which is easy and cheap to obtain. It is common to see the locals beach casting and spinning along the coastline or pole and fly fishing on therivers but if you are after big game fish then you’ll need a boat to take you out to deep water to find Tuna or Bonito del Norte.

There are quite a few species of tuna that feed close to the Asturian coast, the most popular been Bonito del Norte or small Tuna known locally as “Monos”. The best time to fish for Tuna is towards the end of the summer or early autumn mainly because the sea is at its calmest.

Boat rental is available from the marinas of GijonAvilesLuarcaRibadesella or Llanes and prices vary from boat to boat. Most of the boats can accommodate up to 10 people but there are larger boats for bigger groups. Being part of a larger group will help keep prices per person down. Lunch is usually provided along with drinks (Champagne, beers, soft drinks etc.) making it a great day out for a group of friends.

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