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What are collections?

They are the way you manage your Qubes. There are two types: Public and Private.

  • Public collections will be visible for anyone who visits your profile.
  • Private collections are only for you. 

How collections are created?

On the "My profile" page

Click a Qube, drag to the Collections zone at the beQbe left side and drop on "+" button.

Now, put a name to your collection and select the privacy: Public or Private.

To create your collection, write a title and choose privacy: Public or Private

From "Manage" button

"Manage" button is present in all Qubes which are subscribed or created by you. To create a new collection click "Manage" and "New collection" in the pop-up window. Finally select between "Public" or "Private" options.

How to add Qubes to an existing collection?

From "Manage" button

Click on "Manage" button to choose the collection in wich you want to include your Qube.

Change the privacy of the collection

To change the privacy of the collection from public to private or viceversa, you only have to enter the collection and "Edit Collection" and after choose privacy.

04 Mar, 2016
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