Camaras Beach in Llanes - Asturias

Camaras Beach is situated along the coastal path that will take you to the wonderful Portiello beach from the town of Celorio in Llanes.
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Camaras Beach, LlanesAsturias

Camaras Beach is more of a cove then a beach that is exposed during low tide offering its visitors a wonderfully secluded place to lounge upon and also take slow strolls along the tidal golden sands. Camaras Beach is just one of the many beaches dotted along the coastline in the parish of Celorio, Llanes. If you are looking for a place to hide away then this beach is perfect for you.

Camaras Beach offers  no lifeguard services and has no on site amenities except that it is very close to the town of Celorio. For that reason we must advise that if you plan to visit the beach then do keep a watchful eye on the tide as so not to get caught out and in difficulty.

To get there head towards the town of Celorio in Llanes and follow the coastal path towards Portiello Beach.

23 Jan, 2015
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