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Bushcraft axe is one of the necessary tools you will need to bring when you go bushcraft.  The other one is the very dependable knife. In this article, we will need to focus on bushcraft axe and bushcraft itself.

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What is bushcraft?

Bushcraft is actually going deep into the forest to indulge in some activities that ma test your survival capacity.  There can be many activities in bushcraft, depending on the people involve.  But, for beginners, you need to start with knowing how to track wildlife and identify edible plants.  This is important to survive in the wilderness.


Choosing a bushcraft axe

There are many factors you need to consider in choosing your bushcraft axe.

Here are some of them:

  • You must determine first if you are comfortable in using an axe.  For beginners, they may choose the smaller hatchet, as they think they are safer to use.  However, experiences that axe with longer handles are much safer to use for the first time users.
  • What do you want to do? The next thing is to identify your requirement.  Do you need it for filling trees, chopping wood, splitting wood, carving and other purposes. .
  • Right tools for the right job. Determine the kind of wood you need to work on.  Hard woods will require heavier axe, so that it will not bounce back.  But, heavier axe will tire you fast. So many people prefer to get the lighter axe.  But, if you haven’t mastered using it, the effect is not that good.
  • The wood. Choose an axe designed to work on hardwood.  This is common in most American forest. In this case, don’t choose Sweden made axe, as they are not designed for hardwood use.
  • The brand. Choosing a good brand is best, to be able to get a good result.  Most branded tools are design to bring maximum safety to the user.

The best brand of axe in the market

  • Gransfors Bruks. A swedesh brand that has the reputation of best quality and hardiness.
  • SA Wetterlings. Another Swedesh brand that has almost the same reputation with the Gransfors Bruks, but, cost less.
  • Council Tool. A US based brand and has the reputation of heat treating their axes.  The company also offers a variety of designs to choose to.
  • A US brand which has the reputation of high quality, but, unfinished products.  The customer has to grind themselves their axe.
  • Another brand that is large and well known in the industry. They produced quality and cost efficient axes.

21 Oct, 2019
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