Bottling Asturian Cider

The true flavour of Asturias starts with a crisp cool bottle of asturian cider or “sidra” as it’s known locally.
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During Spring, rural houses all over Asturias are busy with the bustle of asturian cider bottling as the locals stock up for the coming summers refreshments. This marks yet another important date in the annual event of gathering, processing, fermenting and finally consuming this pure and natural alcoholic drink. When British national Justin Shennell discovered asturian cider he immediately became a fan and has even started producing his own cider at home. He met up with us at the Finca La Rionda in Villaviciosa to explain the process involved when bottling homemade cider. Traditionally, it is best to bottle when there is no moon as the asturian cider will be at it’s purest….

Many thanks to Antonio from Finca La Rionda for his help and warm welcome. He offers tours of the orchards and also the asturian cider production and you get to sample the cider as well  Thanks also to Justin for been a wonderful guide to the bottling process.