Borizu Beach in Llanes - Asturias

Borizu Beach is a semi natural beach since it is less developed than Celorio in the council of Llanes.
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Borizu Beach, LlanesAsturias

Borizu Beach is a real gem of a beach for all the family. It’s soft golden sand and well sheltered waters are an excellent place to while away a sunny afternoon. Along the strand there are plenty of eroded rock formations to take shade from the sun and these rocks also generate little lagoons when the tide is right… ideal for kids to take a dip in. It is accesible for disable people.

It is about 400 metres in length and is situated in a largely residential zone close to Celorio and close to the area where the campsites are. At low tide the beach is linked to the island of Borizu or Arnielles, a fact which makes it even more attractive.

At the entrance of Borizu Beach you will find a restaurant, hotel, camping site and a bar.

23 Jan, 2015
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