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Check out our inspiring thought leaders, technology innovators, market disruptors, international investors, and change makers who will be speaking at South Summit.

"Conoce a los líderes, innovadores de tecnologías, disruptores  de mercados, inversores internacionales y agentes de cambio que hablarán en South Summit"


UNICEF Innovation lab

For more than 13 years, Blair Palmer has leveraged her knowledge of technological innovations, project implementation, corporate responsibility, stakeholder engagement, and social enterprise programs to empower global health programs in both the private and nonprofit sectors. Palmer currently serves as the Lab Lead for San Francisco UNICEF’s innovation team that includes Erica Kochi and Terra Weikel. SV’s Corrine Mehigan sits down with Blair Palmer to discover how this San Francisco-based team is maximizing UNICEF’s impact. UNICEF Innovation is an interdisciplinary team of individuals around the world tasked with identifying, prototyping, and scaling technologies and practices that strengthen our work. Examples include wearable and sensor technology, education and learning, transportation, identity, and financial services.

"Durante más de 13 años, Blair Palmer ha guiado su conocimiento hacia innovaciones tecnológicas, puesta en marcha de proyectos, responsabilidad corporativa, compromiso de accionistas y programas sociales para potenciar programas globales de salud, tanto privados como no lucrativos. Palmer actualmente  es miembro del equipo Lab Lead for San Francisco UNICEF’s que incluye Erica Kochi y Terra Weikel. SV’s.  Corrine Mehigan se unió a  Blair Palmer para aunmentar el impacto de UNICEF.  UNICEF Innovation es un equipo interdisciplinar a nivel mundial dedicado a la identificación, prototipo,  tecnologías en desarrollo y prácticas que refuerzan nuestro trabajo. Los ejemplos incluyen tecnología portátil y de detección, educación y aprendizaje, transporte, identidad, y servicios financieros."

See the Panel discussion with Blair Palmer among others

Innovation labs

UNICEF Innovation Labs are open, collaborative incubation accelerators that bring business, universities, governments and civil society together to create sustainable solutions to the most pressing challenges facing children and youth. The Lab model creates opportunities for young people, who have a unique insight into the challenges that affect their communities, to team up with local leaders to develop creative and sustainable solutions. The model also engages all of these constituents with UNICEF and its local networks of partners to facilitate best-in-class thinking, practices and applications necessary to enable and expedite systemic, sustainable change.

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05 May, 2016
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South Summit 2016
South Summit 2016