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Wearable Experiments

Billie Whitehouse is the designer and director of Wearable Experiments. Wearable Experiments specializes in the combination of hardware, software and apparel for wearable technology products. Forbes recently compared Billie and her co-founder Ben Moir to Steve Jobs and Jerry Seinfeld. Known for her development of Fundawear, Navigate and the Alert Shirt for Fox Sports, Billie is invigorating the fashion industry and transforming it into a business focused on improving the quality of our lives. Billie is an aesthetic specialist with a naturally inquisitive nature towards technology and innovation. Business Insider recently named Billie as one of the 30 most important women under 30 in tech. The highlight for Billie in 2015 was winning the Best Fan Engagement Award for the work on the Alert Shirt with FOX SPORTS as well as bringing Wearable Experiments to the USA.

"Billie Whitehouse es la diseñadora y directora  de Wearable Experiments. Wearable Experiments está especializada en la combinación del hardware y del software y revestimiento portátil de los productos tecnológicos. Forbes hace poco que comparó a Billie y a su co-fundador Ben Moir con Steve Jobs y Jerry Seinfeld. Conocida  por su desarrollo de Fundawear, Navigate y el Alert Shirt for Fox Sports, Billie está revigorizando la industria de la moda y transformándola en un negocio centrado en mejorar nuestra calidad de vida. Billie es una especialista en estética, con una naturaleza inquisitiva hacia la tecnología y la innovación. Business Insider nombró recientemente a Billie como una de las 30 mejores mujeres en tecnología menor de 30 años. Billie consiguió en 2015 el Premio  Best Fan Engagement por el trabajo en Alert Shirt con FOX SPORTS, y llevar Wearable Experiments a EE.UU."

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09 Oct, 2016
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