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Atsushi Koyama

New paintings merging machine parts with the human body. Koyama’s motivation to draw images stems from his inability to digest the things he sees, as he seeks to visualize the vestige of what he selects and how he draws through the working process.
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I confirm a thing which I cannot understand just by looking at it through use of pictures and additional lines. During that process, I found that what has

emerged in front of me forms an artwork. This means, I think, that there was something which had to be output from my head. I don’t need to output

things if I’m satisfied with them. So, something that urged me to draw was there. I wondered whether or not this is the nature of creativity then.

Although the meaning behind these oil

paintings by Atsushi Koyama is somewhat

ambiguous, it’s easy to appreciate the

exactness of his paintbrush that colorfully

and elegantly depicts mechanical diagrams

mixed with anatomical illustrations. Born in

Tokyo, Koyama holds both a BFA in art from

Tama Art University and a Bachelor’s degree

in mathematics from Tokyo University of

Science, so it’s no surprise to see a

confluence of both backgrounds in his

artwork. You can see more paintings from

the last few years over at Frantic Gallery.

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15 Feb, 2015