Asturias in Autumn

We filmed this montage in autumn in the UNESCO biosphere reserve of Somiedo while working on a video about “Las Brañas” which are the thatched mountain huts you see in the video.
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After a long summer of dry and sun drenched days, the autumn has brought with it what has to be one of the most spectacular autumns we have ever seen here at WIA.

In autumn the mountain valleys are awash with reds and yellows as the wild oak and chestnut trees prepare for another winter and the local folk are busy doing the same, stopping once in a while to take in this glorious natural event… matter how familiar you are with the landscape in Asturias, you’ll never stop being in awe with it.

Somiedo is bear country and is a biosphere reserve for that reason. Recent reports suggest that the numbers of bears is on the increase and hopefully that trend will continue into the future as the bears are an integral part of the local ecosystem.

Even though we shot all of these images in Somiedo, the video is representative of all the natural reserves in Asturias like Picos de Europa, RedesMuniellosOscos-Eo and Las Ubiñas-La Mesa.

These reserves offer a wonderful experience to visitors looking for pure untouched nature and are home to many and often unique species of flora and fauna, ready to be discovered and marveled at.

So….. Sit back, put the video on full screen modes and enjoy the stunning “Autumn in Asturias

23 Jan, 2015
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