Some views of Arusha Tanzania
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Road into Arusha from Kilimanjaro Airport

Arusha Road from Kilimanjaro Airport

Here we are on the Arusha - Himo Road  A23 looking toward Arusha centre.  There is little in the way of public transport.  People walk or use bicycles.  Vehicles are mostly for business.  I would have thought that horse and cart would be in use but as you can see on the right of the photo, man is often the "beast of burden" pulling heavily loaded carts rickshaw fashion for kilometres. sometimes other people sit on top of the already loaded cart in what struck me as a great act of laziness and disregard for a fellow human but maybe there was some culture that I did not know.  There appear to be few if any horses in this part of Africa yet I think that they would be a great benefit to the economy.  Perhaps there is some reason why this is, maybe they cannot live here.

 The heavy rickshaw which is quite common even in the centre of town has another car tyre underneath at the rear as can be seen here.  When going down hills the driver can avoid being run over by lifting the front bar thus bringing the rear tyre into contact with the ground where it acts as a brake.

Here the driver is walking backwards pulling the load up the slope.

 In the early morning women from nearby villages (several kilometres) will be seen walking into town with full bunches of bananas, fruit or firewood, on their heads, for sale in the town markets.  Often they are not so young and the journey with such a load calls for great strength.

 Overall Arusha is a beautiful place and the people are very friendly with a certain sense of humour that can catch one out.   Once when I was visiting at a small zoo, looking into the glass display cases that contained the different species of snake including the black mamba, for which I have much respect, I asked the guide if they ever escaped and he just glanced up at the low rafters of the overhanging roof then smiled without saying "yes" or "no".

Heavy Load

Walking Backwards

Here the driver of the rickshaw type vehicle is pulling the load of heavy timbers up the hill with his back to the direction of motion.

Arusha Town 1

Arusha Town 1

Motorcycles are often used as a form of taxi service with the passenger riding pillion.  The young woman with the sack on her head has spotted that I am taking a photograph and is staring straight at me.

Arusha Town 2

Arusha Town 3

Arusha Town 4

Arusha Town 5

Arusha Town 6

Arusha Town 7

Arusha Town 8


Arusha Roadside Shops 1

Arusha Roadside Shops 2

Camel Park

Camel Park

Here at the camel park my niece, who was living in Arusha at that time, has spared me no embrassment.  Where animals are concerned, I have something of a phobia about touching them, especially smaller animals like cats and dogs or smaller.  I just will not touch them.  As you can imagine a trip to Africa was going to present special challenges for me in this respect.  This was my first time on a camel and I was not quite sure what to expect.

They say a photo never lies but this one should be locked up.  It looks like the camel has collapsed under my weight or is praying to its god to remove the burden.  In fact it is just getting up on its feet, back legs first and I am holding the handlebars half expecting to be thrown over the beast's head at any moment.  From my point of view on the camels back the trip to the ground looked much more real than the photo suggests.  lol.

In the distance you can see another of the rickshaw barrows made from heavy wood and car wheels. 

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