Abandoned Lisbon

Hidden behind all the sunshine and joyousness...
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Hidden behind all the sunshine and joyousness there is a very Abandoned Lisbon, which is very interesting and different from one that normally portrait.

These are centuries old relic buildings that remain characteristic of a country in constant economic distress for the last 50 years. Although there was no war or any catastrophic event these places were simply abandoned by the ones that once called it a home, leaving a significant part of their lives behind. I started shooting these lifeless still places constantly picturing in my mind the moment when the last look was cast inside by the person that lived there as they closed the door, never to call it home again.

The photo of the room with the mattress, the tv and the sun chair reminds me of Jeff Wall’s Destroyed Room that I saw at the for in the Seduced by Art Exhibition at the National Gallery in London. How interesting would it be to this Abandoned Lisbon (or a series of Cities) where not only the abandoned places would feature, but also the ones that are exactly like those and are still someone’s home…