A natural swimming-pool in Asturias

La Olla de San Vicente is quite simply a stunning natural swimming pool at the end of a lovely river walk way along the River Dobra in Cangas de Onis, Asturias.
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Cangas de OnisAsturias

Crystal clear water, incredible views, well maintained fields and Cabañas (mountain huts) and lots of nature is what you should expect when journeying towards the natural pool.

The route starts at the bridge of Santianes de Tornín (see map) and meanders alongside the river for 2.5KM. The route itself is not steep but can be tricky underfoot and in our opinion, would not be suitable for very young kids or the frail to attempt.

As you walk along the riverside you will find many places to rest a while and if inclined, take a dip in the many “pozos” or pools. We would advise that you continue on to the end as the main La Olla de San Vicente is by far the biggest and prettiest and has some great natural diving platforms to dive from. The diving area of the pool is quite deep even when the river is low but there is also plenty of shallow areas for kids to play in.

Along the pools edge you’ll find plenty of areas to lay your towel down and sunbathe a bit. Above the pool there is a well shaded field which is ideal for picnicking and sheltering from the summer sun.

If you are travelling in Asturias and want an alternative to the beach then you have to check out this magical location. It is quite literary AWESOME!!

We had heard a lot about La Olla de San Vicente and decided to check it out on our day off. We had the basic camera kit with us…. as usual :) and managed to film a few shots to give you a flavour of what to expect.

If you have any questions about getting there or need any advice at all then please do get in touch.

11 months ago

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