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Throughout all my travels, there are moments, little pieces of time where you block out all your thoughts and merely focus on the details immediately around you. The bull’s blood-red colour of the wall, the black oriental vase lamp, the 20-year-old vintage port, the latte macchiato, the shine of the black marble table. Where I am is not important, but rather what I surround myself with. In my hands is the yearly farm life forecast journal Borda D’Água, through which family has guided its crops and harvests for a large number of year. The sweet and sour after taste of the sour cherry ice cream, eaten moments ago lingers in my taste buds.

Photo credits to Maria Braga from Grão a Grão.

Art Everywhere UK is a charitable project organized by Tate and the Art Fund, intends to flood the streets of the UK with art turning it into the world’s largest gallery.

I have always been fascinated by the work of Bridget Riley, so my choice goes to Nataraja (1993).

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A million flower details in this flower shop, all working together into a cohesive anarchy of colour and interest.

Trangly Blumen

Marienburger Straße 8

10405 Berlin

For me travel writing and photography is about being able to transmit a sense of place to the reader. I believe this is the fundamental core of good storytelling.