5 Mistakes While Choosing Office Spaces

We all understand that choosing the right office is one of the essential factors that directly impact the success of a business.
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Five Common Mistakes Companies Make When Choosing Office Space

We all understand that choosing the right office is one of the essential factors that directly impact the success of a business. It affects your employees, partners, visitors, and clients, and by any chance, you make mistakes in finding the right serviced office, then the results can be disastrous. 

 However, expert advice can help avoid common mistakes that businesses usually make when choosing an office space for their business purpose. Here, we will discuss a few mistakes that you can avoid.


Unable to Specify your Requirements Properly

It is essential to understand your business needs to find the right serviced office space for your business. If you can accurately define your requirements, you will most probably avoid the common mistakes that companies usually make while choosing office space. If you already own an office, then try to find out how you utilize the space. Some of the questions that you may ask yourself - Do you have enough rooms? Do you require additional desks? Do you have cabins or meeting/conference rooms? Do you have space for personal phone calls/business meets/socializing? Is there any extra space that you do not need? What services and amenities you will need? Are you planning any team expansion shortly?


Find out what exactly you need to make your business operations easy and smooth. Also, find out if your new workplace is good enough to adapt to further changes and growth.


Miscalculating the Future Plans

2020 has taught us that the future is uncertain. Businesses worldwide have understood that flexibility and agility are essential assets in times of uncertainty when it comes to office spaces. Therefore, before making any commitments for a lease on an office, consider all the available options. How beneficial would it be to tie yourself into a long-term lease when you are unsure about the future? You will realize, a flexible workspace is a better alternative if you are not very confident about future incidences.


Failing to Analyse the Complexities of the Process

Most of the time, businesses looking for a serviced office space cannot estimate the time and complexities involved in it. It is not easy to shift offices now and then or as and when you want. It is a daunting task and undesirable for any business. You must undertake a few tasks before booking an office space for rent in Dubai (UAE): list down your requirements, check amenities, size, location, types of workspace, the scope of expansion, terms & conditions, and more. Also, check reviews and testimonials, try a visit several times, negotiate well, put everything in writing, and finally ask your service provider to sign the agreement before you sign. If you fail to analyze the complexities and shortcomings, you will end up with disappointments. 


Prioritizing Cost over Services and Location

Many times businesses underestimate the cost of office location and office space. Be it location or office space, the office cost may vary depending on the area's connectivity, location importance, and services provided by the office. Office neighborhood and location are of great significance as they play a vital role in attracting and retaining employees. You can make changes to the look and feel of the office, but you won't be able to cane the location. So, ensure you do not compromise on location due to cost. Office cost is amongst the top few expenses that companies have to bear. Location and services have a massive influence on the total cost.


How to Avoid the Mistakes When Choosing a Serviced Office?

Here are four key steps you must follow before you find a new office:


  • List down your requirements comprehensively and carefully
  • Searching and explore every option available in the market
  • Negotiating aggressively for the best deal
  • Arrange the move into new premises easy and hassle-free with no disturbance

Hire a professional business setup consultant for the right advice and efficient handling of the entire proc

28 Jun, 2021
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