5 Ideas to celebrate St. Valentine's Day

Original ideas to celebrate St. Valentine's Day
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1. Romantic dinner

If you like to cook or you are a good cooker do not miss the opportunity of preparing a special menu for the most romantic night of the year .

If you prefer to go out for dinner allow yourself to spend a little more and look for a place that you can enjoy privacy. A restaurant that has a good wine , dim lights , background music and above all, it is a place that you have previously recommended where there will not be unwanted surprises last minute .

2. A limousine ride

Glamorous couples who like to feel like a movie star with his/her partner, renting a limosine around town can be a brilliant idea. The problem is that limousines are quite expensive , the good part is that they can fit up to 12 people , so we can share it to be a cheaper option.

3. Theatre, humor or musical

Another option that you can consider is enjoying a good play, a musical or going to a show of improvised humor with which I assure you will spend a single night. Laughters not only put the stress away, but also promote approchement and disconnect from the world. 

4. Thermal circuits or Spa

Find a spa in your area or in your town where you may enjoy together sensational care. It may be a first step to a wonderful day and therefore to days with a wonderful feeling.

If you choose thermal baths add a massage for two ... totally relaxed. You shall come forth, leaving the stress aside and, most likely, wanting to repeat the experience in intimacy , sharing massages and caresses to learn to connect.

5. A special ride

For those who you have a river, a pond near, you can enjoy a beautiful boat ride. Not everything ends there, you can accompany the walk with a bottle of wine and two glasses; and listen to soft music. Stop somewhere during the walk to enjoy the moment.

Another original idea would be a horse ride, you can ride through the streets of your town, become your own guide for a day. Riding on horseback can also be carried through the woods to observe nature. If you know any romantic place in your city , please visit it.

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